Why is Inbound Marketing Critical to Growing Business?

Why is Inbound Marketing Critical to Growing Business?

Inbound marketing has changed the dynamic of marketing businesses. Inbound is critical to generate leads, convert sales, and grow business. 


Traditional marketing is becoming obsolete. If businesses want to save time and money, they need to make a shift from traditional to inbound marketing strategies.

Invest In Inbound

Two companies that made that switch are Jedox and Fonality. Jedox is a German company that increased leads by 54 percent, drove 24 percent more traffic to their website and increased sales efficiency by 12-20 percent by implementing inbound strategies.

Fonality, a unified communications system provider, increased web traffic by three times and increased customers by 135 percent.

What business wouldn’t want these kind of results from their marketing efforts?

Educate Customers With Inbound

Inbound marketing attracts potential clients by using keywords, social media, blogging, e-books, videos, podcasts and e-newsletters, which educate buyers. Educational tools with inbound marketing build trust and credibility with businesses and the consumer.

A recent study discovered that 97 percent of all consumers research online for products and services before they buy. Consumers are sophisticated in their approach to buying and search the web for content to help them make a decision.


Inbound marketing is the solution for driving and generating more business. In our ever-changing world of technology, marketing has evolved and businesses need to evolve if they want to be successful in this new age of online marketing.



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