Website Development & Design

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Our Services

Web Development Implementation

WordPress setup, Homepage development, Secondary pages (include FAQ, contact us, etc.), Blog layout, Simple menu and footer

WooCommerce Product Page Design & Development Implementation

Product page & product catalog, Payment implementation (Stripe/PayPal), Shipping implementation

Forum Creation Implementation

Creation of a discussion board, Implementation to allow user comments / posts

Website Design Implementation

Brand and logo design implementation, Homepage design, Secondary pages design, Blog layout design, Feature enhancements

Database Transfer

Transferring current website content to new WordPress site, Writing code for existing content to transfer over to new WordPress site

WordPress Training

Team training session with project manager on new WordPress site (this is necessary for clients new to WordPress).


What programming languages are best for your product? What about database architectures? Our team can help answer these questions. We follow the trends, strengths and limitations of current technologies so we can make informed recommendations that will help set your product up for success from the start.

How long does it take for Riafox to complete a website?

At Riafox, we are passionate about creating an impact with each one of our clients. Each website will receive 100% of our teams attention. Depending on timeframe and deadlines
of the client we can adjust to their needs but each website is given a 6-9 week timeframe. There is the design phase, reviewing, and developing phases.

Which platform will my website be built on?

Riafox has a partnership with WordPress which is the best website platform on the market today. Your site will be built on WordPress and if opted in, we will also train your team on how to edit and make changes after we complete your site!

Why is Riafox the best company to be trusted with building my website?

At Riafox our team has over 50 years of experience building and designs websites. Please visit our website for testimonials and to see our past work!