Technical Support

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Our Services

Hosting of clients website through WP Engine servers

includes updates, automatic backups, malware protection

Weekly updates

Plugins, themes, and other important aspects of their WordPress site

24/7 security of the WordPress site

Daily monitoring

Malware, bugs, or issues that arise within the site

Support / Strategy Session

1 hour support / strategy session with a project manager per month. We have a PM in Web Development, App Development, Brand Strategy, and Content

Weekly backups of Website


What programming languages are best for your product? What about database architectures? Our team can help answer these questions. We follow the trends, strengths and limitations of current technologies so we can make informed recommendations that will help set your product up for success from the start.

Will your Riafox Support Team be catching the issues before the happen or do I still need to monitor my website for potential bug issues?

Our Riafox support team will be monitoring your website each day during normal business hours. We will be monitoring and testing your site to make sure we catch bug issues before you. However, if you see something come up that is unexpected do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

How quickly is the turnaround for your team to get an issue resolved?

Our turnaround time is 1 business day. We will have contacted the client to let them know how long it will take our team to complete the task.

What is the benefit from having an hour time frame each month with one of your project managers? Who would I be meeting with?

Riafox has 3 different project managers. 1 with website development, 1 with content marketing, and 1 with brand strategy. The 1 hour meetings are open for the client to be able to strategize with one of our project managers if they had questions about a potential website update, if they want more details about a service, and it’s a great way for a client to have time each month if they have concerns or questions.