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Our Services

Making complicated tasks simple for the end user through mobile and internet solutions is our passion. Riafox Services offers companies the expertise, experience and know-how needed to leverage the newest digital technology and resources. Become a powerful player online!

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Application Development

From native to hybrid apps, our team has the ability to create practically anything you can think up. We incorporate the best of UX/UI design, with quality coding, and intuitive interfaces. Creating an immersive experience that keeps the user happy, and empowers them to really take advantage of the power of your app.

We follow the recent trends in app development and device configurations. Rest assured that your apps will be compliant with the various app stores and support the majority of devices on both IOS and Android.

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Business automation with Riafox Services means more productivity, more accuracy and more success for your business. Utilizing the various database structures and technology available, we create systems that can generate accurate reports using real-time data.

From complex ERP’s to SaaS products, we have the expertise to develop a system to help take your business to the next level.

Premium Hosting

Host your site with us and experience Premium Hosting. Site traffic can be handled easily and premium hosting is perfect for beginners and the more established sites. Store your site on a powerful server and we will manage it for you.

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UX/UI Design

User experience can make or break a product. Understanding your users and predicting how they will interact with it will increase the potential for user adoption and overall product success.

This is why our first step is to research and explore who your users are and how they will interact with your product. By doing so, we can make educated decisions. Establish a framework that will provide you a lasing positive user experience!

Custom Integrations

What programming languages are best for your product? What about database architectures? Our team can help answer these questions. We follow trends, strengths and limitations of current technologies to make informed recommendations. Help set your product up for success from the start.

From technology road maps, release schedules, Core Focus Strategies, branding and inbound marketing strategies our team is here to help.

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