Making Sure Your Startup Strategies are Focused on the Right Things

You have a epiphany and most brilliant idea for a startup that’s going to be bigger than indoor plumbing. You’re confident that it will rake in millions after just a few short months. With excitement built up, you get ready to gather your resources and start recruiting minions.


Your first stop, your brother. You take the time to explain what’s been marinating in your head for the last couple of days.  You meticulously outline why your idea is bigger than Facebook. You then out pour your soul into why this no-brainer plan will surely result in luxurious living. Then, you wait, anticipating his outburst of congratulations for being such a genius. You wait, for the epic mind blown gesture and “Ah HA!”.  Instead, your wanting ears are met with “I don’t get it”. That’s it, a simple “I don’t get it”.

Obviously, your offspring, that fell short when they were handing out intelligence, wasn’t worthy of such a prize. Feeling as though you’ve cast one of your valued pearls before an uncultured swine, you move on to a more worthy recipient . Your next chosen cohort is of course your best friend. Surely, he’ll not only “get it”, but will want to fully support you in your adventure of lucrative glory. Once again, you build up the moment with a spectacularly choreographed presentation of verbal excellence. In the end only to receive the question, “Do you really think THAT will work?”.

It can be tough to get buy in on a new idea. It may not really be because the idea is bad either. Is it possible that your not making sure that your startup strategies are focused on the right things? Chances are you are primarily focused on the What. However, if your looking for people to get behind the idea here are a couple things to consider on how to focus on something deeper and more meaningful.

#1 The Why

It may seem like an obvious thing at first but really defining a cause or purpose other than making bookoo bucks is pretty important.  It can also be a unique challenge all of it’s own. Especially if you are needing people to invest time or money into making your project a reality. If you can’t get your brother to see the underlying purpose of your startup you can bet it’s going to be even harder to get an investor to feel motivated to do so. This concept is illustrated well by Simon Sinek.


#2 The Who

Once you’ve really translated the emotional drive that has sparked in your mind to a legitimate Why, now you can figure out the who. Who will this have meaning for? Who will want to support it? Who will want to use it? Who will evangelize it for you? These are the people that you need to focus on, these are your User Personas. User Personas are the key in bringing your focus in to the most important people that will make your startup a success.



Just investing some time and energy and making sure your startup strategies are focused on a why and specific user personas will help clarify other aspects of your strategy. Have fun with it!