Google Preparing to Enforce HTTPS for all Websites

It’s finally reached that time where Google is pushing website owners to be more secure. For quite some time the promise from Google that it would start enforcing secure websites has been looming. It’s now official. Starting in October of 2017, Google Chrome version 62 will begin displaying a “NOT SECURE” warning for sites not using the https protocol. 

In essence using HTTPS encrypts the data moving between your website and the users computer. This is definitely a good idea as hacking data in transit is pretty common. If you would like a more lengthy explanation, Google has provided a handy(and secure) info page here.

To get your website secure you need to do a few things.

  1. Get an SSL Certificate
  2. Install said SSL Certificate
  3. Make sure your site does not reference any non-secure assets using the http protocol. This includes images, javascript and css files that are used to load your site.

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