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Content Strategy

Monthly Strategy Sessions, Website Content Management, Content Calendar Creation and Execution

Website Blog Management

*Q&A Blog Post with Industry Professional, *Blog Post - Writing, formatting, and publishing, *Client Blog Post, *Guest Blogging Program Management, *Copyrighting (website or marketing collateral)

Forum & Discussion Management

*Online Discussion Board Management. This includes: Monitoring sites that include group discussion boards and posts to inform the client of the needs of the customer. Riafox will email updates from the websites to the client. Sites being monitored include LinkedIn groups, Redditt, and Quora.

Social Media Management

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube

CRM Management & Strategy

*SharpSpring CRM. This includes the monthly plan to have a SharpSpring account. *CRM Management. This includes: Creating drip campaigns, managing the flow of contact with customers, organizing workflow.

Newsletter Management

Newsletter includes: creating a template and sending out a monthly newsletter based on current content and content developed during the previous month. *Newsletter Editing


What programming languages are best for your product? What about database architectures? Our team can help answer these questions. We follow the trends, strengths and limitations of current technologies so we can make informed recommendations that will help set your product up for success from the start.
Riafox Testimonials

How will I be paying for your content marketing services? Is my contract up for change or is it set in stone?

Contracts are never set in stone, however the client will need to reach out to us if they want to renegotiate terms. With content marketing, our PM will be strategizing with the client every month and will be able to determine if the client needs more or less of our services.

How will I be paying for your content marketing services? Is my contract up for change or is it set in stone?

Content marketing does what its called: our team creates content, ranging from social media marketing to blog posting, and helps your business be seen on the web, social media, and helps you quality content to send to your past or potential customers. Having our team handle your content marketing allows for you, the business owner to focus on the more important day-to-day items. Let us bring the business to you by creating the content!

Will your content marketing team make my company go viral?

Riafox cannot guarantee that your company will be going viral with our content marketing services (actually no company can promise you that). Our goal will be to create unique content, a unique story, idea and do our best to hit the emotional heartstrings of your customer base. We will do our best each month to ensure your company is seen by as many people as possible and who knows, maybe your company will go viral!