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Brand Strategy Implementation

2 one-on-one sessions with brand strategist, detailed SWOT Analysis, detailed positioning market report, detailed personas report, and a final meeting with web and content marketing PM

Detailed Marketing Plan

detailed report on product or service, target market report, detailed competition report, detailed marketing budget report, potential business location report, detailed pricing strategy report, promotional report

Logo Strategy

Brand strategist will work closely with logo designer to ensure quality design of logo and brand, detailed logo and brand guide that will include multiple options


What programming languages are best for your product? What about database architectures? Our team can help answer these questions. We follow the trends, strengths and limitations of current technologies so we can make informed recommendations that will help set your product up for success from the start.

Brian Packer
Brand & Market Strategist

Born and raised in Idaho Falls, I am the youngest of a large family of 9. I am happily married with 4 children, all married. I have lived mostly in the Inter mountain west with a couple of brief stints overseas both in a volunteer role and with my family for work. I purchased my first business at the age of 22, it was a print business here in Boise. I focused on medical practices, grew the business and sold it a couple of years later. My career since then has been both in senior leadership positions within established industry leaders, including HP and ZAGG, as well as executive roles founding and leading several startups filling market gaps.

This diversity in career experience has provided me with a unique perspective on the following:
· Strategic planning and goal-focused management
· Oversight of programs, projects, and teams
· Growth-oriented marketing, branding, and sales
· Partnership development and management, including contracts
Today I am back living in the Treasure Valley as an “empty nester” with my wife of nearly 30 years. I enjoy trail running in our foothills, hiking, biking, sports of all types both as a participant (although less of that these days) and as a fan.

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Why would I even need brand strategy? Why is it important for my business to have a brand strategy?

A brand strategy helps distinguish you from your competition and makes you more recognizable to customers. Our brand strategy will also help dictate your marketing strategy. It will provide a clear purpose for why you are engaging customers and how you are doing so.

of the client we can adjust to their needs but each website is given a 6-9 week timeframe. There is the design phase, reviewing, and developing phases.


Our professional market/brand strategist help your company create a cohesive brand strategy that helps your company communicate with your customers more clearly. The more consistent your messaging, the more likely you are to attract and maintain loyal customers.


A strong brand strategy can help attract high caliber talent. Whether it’s for potential employee’s or potential customers. The brand strategy will help provide focus for your employees. A clear brand vision helps make sure everyone is working towards the same objectives.