5 Blogging Tips to Convert Visitors Into Customers

5 Blogging Tips to Convert Visitors Into Customers

Blogging adds fuel to any inbound marketing campaign, but there’s a huge difference between just blogging and blogging with purpose.

Having a solid blogging strategy in place before you start writing is where the battle is won. Here are five great tips to attract and convert visitors to into leads through blogging.

1. Answer Their Question

Users searching online are looking for information to solve a problem or get an answer to a question. Determine what your customers are looking for. Post answers to those questions. Solve your customer’s dilemma and individuals will find that post and want to click through to solve their problem. Now you have a visitor.

2. Blog Consistently

Like television, people browsing like regularly scheduled programming. They look forward to seeing information they are interested in “the same time next week.”  Schedule your weekly content or monthly updates so users will know when to look for your information. They will know when you post valuable content and you will gain their trust as a dependable expert.

3. Provide An Offer

Once people open your blog and visit your site, you can pretty much bet they are interested in your content and thus interested in your products. Reward your visitors with a freebie—a webinar, ebook, or a valuable piece of information that further solidifies your connection. Once you establish trust with your visitor, you have increased the probability they will become a customer.

4. Inform—Don’t Sell

Every time you publish a blog, you create a new connection to your customer.  Check your blog to see that it supports you as a thought leader. An occasional positive nod to your product is great, but aim your blog to deliver value to the user.

5. Pick one topic at a time

There probably are many questions your customers ask about your product or service at one time. Most buyers have at least three questions that go hand-in-hand when making a purchase decision. Take one question at a time and focus on addressing that problem. You will end up with more qualified visitors because you are answering exactly what they searched for.


These five blogging tips are meant to help you attract visitors to your website through and ultimately convert visitors into customers. Now it’s time to start implementing an editorial calendar with keyword research to add serious juice to your blogging strategy.


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