3 Essential Elements To Know Before Starting A Business Blog

There are so many options, methods, directions, and strategies to go about the process of creating a blog for your business that it can easily lead to feeling like you’re drowning in decisions. However, by focusing on what is important from the very start of your endeavor, the process will soon become natural and even enjoyable!


By now you’ve probably realized that having a blog for your business is a necessity during this digital age. The challenging part is figuring out how to create a blog that will grant you the limitless success, leads, and revenue you desire. Don’t you agree? The tricky part lies at the very beginning of creating a blog.  Before diving into starting a business blog, let’s identify three basic, yet essential elements that will lead to business blogging success.

#1 Discover Your “Why”


Above all else, your business’s vision statement, or your “why,” must be identified before moving forward with any business strategy, yet alone your business’s blog. When deciding to buy or use a product or service, people have an almost endless array of options to choose from. So, what will make them choose you? More than ever people are buying “why” a business does what it does, not just the product or service it provides. By bringing your business’s vision, mission, beliefs, and passions to the forefront of your marketing and sales efforts, it gives people a chance to not only choose you, but decide to support and stand by you for the long run. In his TED talk, Simon Sinek says it best: “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”


#2 Write For Your User Personas


When contemplating content, the first thing to consider is who you are creating each piece of content for. It is important to use your business’s user personas to drive your blog content, topics, and offers. Sure, getting a lot of traffic to your blog is a good thing, but if the majority of visitors never come back to your site, or will never be interested in your business’s “why” or products/services, you can kiss your blog’s conversion rates and potential qualified leads good bye. Providing personalized content for your user personas helps build relationships with the right traffic, so you can learn to provide more of your fantastic content on the most engaging topics, and at the right times.


#3 Create Value With Every Piece of Content

When creating content for business blogs, it is important to create value for your readers within each and every piece of content you publish. The most common and effective forms of value in business blogging are education and inspiration. Whether you’re sharing your own story of how your business came to be what it is today, or a how-to post about improving sales, if it’s truly valuable you’ll have your readers coming back for more in no time. Remember—if your content creates a positive effect on your readers, you’re doing it right.



The start of just about any new venture can be challenging and overwhelming, but creating and planning your first business blog doesn’t have to be. By defining the elements above, you’ll be able to start creating your business blog on the right foot, with the most vital elements in mind.