Has your company expanded its Web Presence?

Though each company will have some variance in how it experiences success online, there are some key elements that are consistent regardless of the business you have. By combining and adjusting these principles and approaches to your business strategy, realizing an increased revenue or conversion from your website and online marketing venues is bound to follow.


  • Cover the basics
  • Identify Conversion
  • Find the right words
  • Make an online home
  • Get social
  • Analyze and Repeat


Cover the basics. Like most things in life, an online marketing strategy will work best if you take some time to, well, strategize. Take some time to identify some basic business strategy pieces and decide exactly what it is your business will provide. Next, take that information and mold it into a brand that portrays what the business is all about. Don’t just focus on what the company sells–decide what it really is to the core. Your colors, logo, and fancy verbiage are only a part of this essential piece; it goes into how customers are approached, viewed, dealt with, and valued.

Identify Conversion. Now that you have decided what you are going to be, now it’s time to decide how your customers will interact with your sales team. Will they need to call directly, fill out a form, or possibly purchase a product directly online? A conversion is basically the turning point from a random Internet user to being your lead or better yet, your customer. Identify how this will happen and make it as measurable as possible so that you can take a look at what is and isn’t working

Find the right words. At this point you should start to feel like your business is really making sense to not only yourself but that you can explain it to others as well. Now start to think of how your potential audience will look for you. These are the people that have a hunger for the service or good your bring to the table. This can be harder than you might think. Some of the broad terms like “Flying Toy” might be easy to come up with. However, you’ll want to get more specific and, if possible, localize the phrase. “Chicago radio-controlled airplane” might very well be the ticket, especially if you are targeting a local market in Chicago. Really getting this part down will take some time, research, analysis and adjustment to find just the right combination of words that really bring your niche clientele to your business’ doorstep.

Make an online home. Just like a brick and mortar-based store front, a company doing business online needs a headquarters. Put your business plan to work in the virtual world by presenting your brand and presenting the “right keywords” via a website is a great way to do this in a way that not only appeals to your customer base but also plays nice with the search engines. This also provides you a central hub that you control as you send messages out in various other websites and social media platforms.

Get social. Again just like in face-to-face business, people need to build a rapport and trust you before they’re going to do business with you. Get out there and let them know what you are about and what you do. Become actively engaged.

Analyze and Repeat. Remember that these things take time! Make sure that you are regularly looking at what is and isn’t working. You may need to adjust any of the aforementioned areas. Expect to need to change things up–just be sure to keep up with things as they change.

Ever Evolving Google. SEO has changed; it is more complex, nuanced, and sophisticated than ever before. Consider just a few years ago anyone could acquire enough links and their site would rank. Now with Google updates like Panda and Penguin, Companies have either been irreparably penalized, lost all their rankings, or soon will (and many times by their former or current SEO firm). The reason for this is that their SEO vendor performed low cost and sometimes overseas linking on their behalf that was not white hat and was eventually considered “unnatural” by Google. In short, Google will eventually discover it if you are breaking the rules. In order to grow your business online, you can’t afford to take chances with your SEO, because the negative effects instituted by Google can be everlasting and sometimes only corrected with a new domain.  We know how to comfortably lead you to success that avoids breaking the rules. Today, strategic depth, big data analysis, sophisticated content creation and distribution, and a deep understanding of conversion science are the coin of the realm for a top SEO expert team. Because, after all, Google continues to invest, and innovate to take their technology to a higher level, and so must your SEO and digital marketing company.

We can help! Chances are that doing all of this online is another aspect of running your business that you may not be an expert in. You might not have the time to do all of it while organizing and operating your business, much like needing a bookkeeper to help keep up on the never ending need or accounting. Here at Web we use a different approach than most SEO and Online marketing companies.  We personally meet with you monthly to review the progress of your company’s online presence and re-strategize each month in order to ensure that you are getting the greatest return on your investment.  This is accomplished by adjusting the allocation of resources, and possibly through increase of quality content, PPC campaigns, or amping up a social media push.  Contact us for more information or for a consultation.