Add the abilities and resources of a professional web development team to your own agency or company. The Site Bakery provides turnkey website delivery including graphic slicing, website implementation for brochure, blogging, e-commerce and custom sites.

Our Team

Ben is the Top Baker! He keeps us all organized and motivated! He has 10 years of experience building websites and rich internet applications. If you have a question or need help with your site, he’s the one to talk to.

Megan is our Cake Decorator. She handles everything from website design to user experience to marketing and even copy writing and editing! She’s interested in anything and everything that’s creative!

Kellie is Master Aboyeur. She manages the web development and keeps the production line rolling smoothly. Kellie can be seen all over town and loves the outdoors.

Jess is our Chef de Partie! She manages all the fun in the kitchen as our Media Manager but secretly we think she loves the excuse to be on Pinterest. If, you need an expert in all things SEO or Social Media, give Jess a call.

Ryan is our Pastry Chef, working in the background to get every single site built just right.

Meet Our team of Sous-Chefs!


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