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Mapping apps allow companies to highlight areas in a territory and assign jobs with boundaries, square footage, and costs


Service apps allow workers to update inspections with photos, track and resolve issues, and bid for new jobs


Professional apps help financial representatives manage their continuing education and compliance requirements


Time apps track technicians’ work and activity on a job by job basis, allowing them to order from inventory and receive alerts when supplies arrive


Contract apps help streamline purchases and sales with distributors, farmers and end users.

Business Automation Apps for Today’s Businesses

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Q: What’s your most successful app? Who did you develop it for, and what does it do?

A: A big project right now is for a native app for mobile devices for the company One Grounds Management. This app will allow notifications that services are completed on time and that they exceed standards. The app incorporates scheduling, work-order management, site mapping, quality inspections, safety inspections and the ability to assign tasks to workers. Importantly, the app will allow subcontractors to submit payment sooner to improve cash flow and attract the best contractors.

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Manage Territories

  • Inspect sites – service and safety reporting
  • Plan and cost projects with color mapping functionality
  • Solicit bids and award contracts
  • Remote service providers submit bids
  • Alert workers with integrated weather data

Manage Workers

  • Monitor time per job, materials and expenses
  • Create work orders
  • Track issue resolution
  • Create administrator controls, log-ins and user invites
  • Alert representatives for safety and regulation changes
  • Send employees continuing education forms

Manage Documents

  • Create and maintain documents
  • Monitor service ratings for quality assurance
  • Generate purchase orders and maintain inventory
  • Organize reports for auditing
  • Secure confidential data
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